What's today?

Depending on where you live, it's either Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' day. I prefer the latter. All of this anti-immigrant rhetoric we've heard over the past few years rings so hollow when you simply ask someone, "are you Native American?" Well then your ancestors had to be immigrants at one time or another.

Pisgah Legal Services held their annual event 2 weeks ago and the keynote speaker was a gentleman named Jose Antonia Vargas, an undocumented immigrant. His enlightening talk centered on the hardships endured by immigrants, the lack of avenues to citizenship and the unfair enforcement of laws. He has a book out that everyone should read (especially those afraid of immigrants.)

Without immigrants, the US cannot maintain GDP growth (and whether we should maintain growth is a completely different topic). Without immigrants, we starve - you get the point.

So, on this Indigenous Peoples' Day, first, take a moment to appreciate the Native Americans who lived here for millennia before immigrants arrived and their plight over the past couple hundred years. But also, take a moment to appreciate the strength and courage it takes to travel thousands of miles in search of a better life for your family, and the wherewithal it takes to do whatever it takes to survive.

Enjoy your day!

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