A successful trip to Colorado

I spent the last week in Denver at a financial services conference. While I was there, I took a drive north to Boulder to hang out with my buddy, Garvin Jabusch. Garvin is the Chief Investment Officer at Green Alpha Advisors, other than Earth Equity, my favorite sustainable investment management firm. He manages money based on their 'Next Economy' philosophy which is spot on.

It's always fun to spend time with Garvin, because we truly are 'brothers from another mother.' Our investment philosophies are very much in line - from our take on indexing (we don't like/use) to our use of positive investing (focus on what you want.) I love Garvin's quote on passive, index investing: "It's basically slow-motion active investing."

Earth Equity Advisors has teamed up with Green Alpha to offer most of their sustainable portfolios to our clients. We love working with Garvin, Betsy & Jeremy!

To learn more about Green Alpha, start with Garvin's white paper on Next Economy...

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